Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing

What is the Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing?

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The Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing is the modality of healing taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute. At its core, Full Spectrum Healing has the understanding that the human body and energy field, the “aura,” are made up of twelve distinct levels of conscious awareness, where each one is a layer or level in the energy field.


These correlate directly to a tone, frequency and color that must come into harmony if the body, emotions, mind and spirit are to be healthy. The human body and aura can be seen as a full rainbow spectrum of light, or as a full octave of music or both. If any color or tone is dulled or removed from the spectrum, the result is a disharmony within the system. When the system is out of harmony, it is felt at the body level as pain, or at the emotional level as anxiety, anger, depression, sadness or will be felt as conflict in relationships. If held chronically, this dis-harmony creates dis-ease, and will over time drain the system of its vibrancy and health.


The Full Spectrum Healer will charge, restructure, clear and energize each of the energy centers in the aura that may have become “blocked” or out of balance. These energy centers are known as “chakras,” and in Full Spectrum Healing, the twelve energy centers are taught as the Rhys Method® Chakras. The energy centers can become compromised due to traumas throughout a client’s life, or because they are under stress.


The result of limited energy in one of the centers is often pain or illness in a related part of the body. Once the healer brings the system back into balance, the client will feel a sense of internal unity and peace that stimulates the immune response within them. The goal of Full Spectrum Healing is not simply to relieve pain but to create harmony within the entire system for a more vibrant and joyful life.


The Rhys Method® Chakras represent the twelve levels of awareness that the Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Energy Master Practitioners work with. If any of these levels represent problem areas for you, please discuss them with your healer before the healing session.

The Twelve Levels of Consciousness

The Seven Chakras

These seven energy centers represent all of the daily experiences of life. They form how you express your life purpose in relationship to yourself, family, and friends, work and spiritual practice. They are:

  1. Your body and any direct ailments, pain or problems
  2. Your feelings, senses and emotional issues
  3. Your sense of individual self, self-esteem and empowerment issues
  4. Your self-love, and love relationship issues
  5. Your ability to speak your truth and ask for what you really need not just what you want in your life
  6. Your vision and the ability to see clearly both practically and psychically where you fit in the world and in your life
  7. Your ability to perceive the unlimited nature of life, and how you to are unlimited in what you can do and experience

The Five Spiritual Centers

The other five levels are subtle spiritual centers that represent your highest levels of awareness and are your deepest essential states of being that bring you joy, happiness and a direct experience of your soul. They are:

  1. Your Soul, also known as your essence, that is represented by your highest potential and your most beloved personal qualities and strength of character
  2. Your Spiritual Life Purpose and life task that you are here to express as a person in this lifetime
  3. Your Physical Life Purpose and how your body is the exact match to your Spiritual Life Purpose
  4. Your Inner Light Point where you create and connect to your brilliance
  5. Your Zeal Point is the energy center where healing is integrated throughout the entire system. It is where you experience your big “ah-has!” and you understand yourself and the life you are living at a deeper level. Through this level, all the other eleven levels come into balance.

The healer will assess all twelve of the systems using the answers to the questions they ask you during your intake, as well as through the use of other energetic assessment tools such as crystal bowls, a pendulum and psychic sight. After the assessment, one of the eighteen Full Spectrum Healings will be chosen to bring your system into balance.

Possible experiences you may have during a Full Spectrum Healing include

  • Inner peace
  • Strong experiences of joy, passion, longing, sadness, anger, love, etc.
  • Fullness or emptiness
  • Past experiences and people from your past
  • A sense of unity and expansion
  • Lightness or density
  • Visions
  • Colors
  • Spiritual guidance and a spiritual presence or the experience of having more hands on you than just the healer’s
  • Altered time and space
  • As well as individual experiences

Any strong feelings that arise during the healing should be discussed with your healer while they are happening or at the end of the session. Strong experiences are a way to bring energy to the system to clear blocks.

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